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Junior British Chess Solving Championship

West London Junior Chess Club takes part in Winton Capital Junior British Chess Solving Championship 2006-2007 Organised by the British Chess Problem Society.

Today 8 children were trying to solve the WCBCSC starter problem, which was mate in two moves.

Best contributions were made by Rupert, Theo, Imran, Salman, Isobel, Nico, Ben and Toby accordingly.

11th WLJCC Championship

For the first time Adam Sutherland won a gold medal! His brother James lost his second game against Charles Orchard, who had a good start but was so excited about beating experienced James, that he couldn't concentrate afterwards. Isobel is pushing hard and soon will be on the top three places! George Parsons' second appearance was quite promising! Ben Murphy proved again that he can do it whenever he wants to! 20 children participated and all did well!

Juniors in Town Hall Juniors in Town Hall Juniors in Town Hall


2.BenMurphy 4/514
6.TheoTanner 3/512

20 entrants in all.

UK Chess Challenge Megafinal Results

The Megafinal stage was a great success!

Qualifiers for the Gigafinal stage are:

Isobel Warren, Alexander Osmond, Ben Murphy and Stephen Ao.

Photo of Coach and Isobel Photo of AlexPhoto of Ben
Photo of Basman and Isobel Photo of Basman and Stephen


Isobel Warren U8G 5 points out of 6 games (won a rosette and a book) 2nd place
Alexander Osmond U8 4.5/6 (won a rosette and a book) 3rd place
Ben Murphy U7 4/6 (won a rosette)             &n bsp;   =3rd place
Stephen Ao U10 4/6 (won a rosette)                    7th place
Elis Vandyck U9 3.5/6 (won a rosette) =18th place out of 55
Daniel Gilbert U10 3/6
Rupert Glover U10 2.5/6
Louis Norris U9 2.5/6
Luke Berry U9 2.5/6
Salman Mahmood U10 2.5/6
Kristian Pelosi U9 2/6
Nico Pauen-Brar U7 1.5/6
Imran Mahmood U9 1.5/6
Ellie Malville U7 1/6

Under 9 Inter-Association Championships 2006


Under 9 South-East Zone, Leatherhead, 11 March

Photo of Coach and children Photo of Coach and children Photo of Coach and children

1 Theo Tanner U9
2 James Sautherland U9
3 Kristian Pelosi U9
4 Charles Orchard U8
5 Nico Pauen-Brar U7
6 Emilio Sison U7
7 Joseph Langley U7
8 Matthew Wheeler U8
9 Edward Wootton U7
10 Angus Pollock
11 Francis Pollock U8
12 Isobel Warren U8
13 Theddeus Felle-Lu Taaya

This year's team was quite young and with very little experience. Previous year's players could not play this year for some various reasons. I could have not hoped for a much better result with the young team, although many of them had a great chance of winning. The only winners were Matthew Wheeler and Francis Pollock, James Sautherland could have scored 3/3 in all positions (especially in round one) but was unwell... To name but a few...

With a little bit more experience we could have qualified but we'll come back next year!

West London Junior Championship

New achievements!


No Name Age Points Standings Prog.score Achievements
1 Alexander Mehta U10 4.5 1st
1st time gold medal
2 Kristian Pelosi U9 1st 4 2nd 13.5 1st time silver medal
3 James Sutherland U9 2nd 4 3rd 13 1st time bronze in the main
4 Charles Orchard U8 1st 3.5 4th 12.5
5 Joseph Langley U8 2nd 3.5 5th 11
6 Edward Wootton U7 1st 3.5 6th 9.5
7 Toby Marley U11 3 7th= 9
8 Adam Sutherland U10 3 7th= 9
9 Daniel Gilbert U10 3 9th 8
10 Francis Pollock U8 3rd 2.5 10th 9.5
11 Bethany Yarde-Leavett U9 3rd 2.5 11th 7
12 Angus Pollock U7 2nd 2 12th 7
13 Billy O'Harra U7 3rd 2 13th 5.5
14 Ben Murphy U7 2 14th= 5
15 Isobel Warren U8 2 14th= 5
16 Luis Lesmes U8 1.5 16th 5.5
17 Rupert Glover U10 1.5 17th 4.5
18 Jules du Chaffaut U9 1 18th= 3
19 Oliver
U6 1 18th= 3

9th West London Junior Championship

We have new achievements this time! Results:

No Name Points Prog.sc. Achievments
1 James Sutherland 5/5
1st time gold
2 Toby Marley 4/5 13 1st time silver
3 Adam Sutherland 4/5 12 2nd time bronze
4 Brian Leong 4/5 11 new member
5 Theo Tanner 3/5 11
6 Louis Norris 3/5 11

12 entries in total

8th West London Junior Championship

The last event of the year ended up with some surprises! 8 year-old Charles Orchard and 7 year-old Joseph Langley came ahead of experienced older boys and shared 2nd place after 'veteran winner' Stephen Ao (3 gold and 3 silver medals!).


Standings Name Age Points (Prog.score)
1 Stephen Ao U10 5/5
2= Joseph Langley U7 3.5/5 (11)
2= Charles Orchard U8 3.5/5 (11)
4 Louis Norris U9 1st 3.5/5 (10)
5 Ben Murphy U7 1st 3/5 (15)
6 Alexander Mehta U10 3/5 (9)
7= Toby Murley U11 3/5 (7)
7= Isobel Warren U8 2nd 3/5 (7)
9 Daniel Gilbert U10 2.5/5 (9)
10 James Sutherland U8 3rd 2.5/5 (8)
11 Harry Berry U7 2.5/5 (6.5)
12 George Parsons U7 2/5 (7)
13 Adam Sutherland U10 2/5 (6)
14 Elis Vandyk U9 2/5 (3)
15 Theo Tanner U9 1.5/5
16= Nico Pauen-Brar U7 1/5
16= Thomas Miller U7 1/5
16= Joss Matthews U7 1/5

7th WLJCC Open Championship

Standings Age Points
1 Aashna Mehajan (G) U10 4.5/5
2 Stephen Ao U10 4.5/5
3 Adam Sutherland U10 3.5/5
4 Theo Tanner U9 1st 3/5
5 Tanya Jaffe (G) U11 3/5
6 Toby Murley U11 3/5
7 Louis Norris U9 2.5/5
8 Elis Vandyk U9 2.5/5
9 Charles Orchard U8 1st 2.5/5
10 Gabriel Brook U8 2nd 2.5/5
11 Matthias Weber U8 3rd 2.5/5
12 Luis Lesmes U7 2.5/5
13 James Sutherland U8 2/5
14 Paul Schróter U8 2/5
15 Nathan Elroy U8 1.5/5
16 Jack Mouradian U8 1.5/5
17 Ben Murphy U7 1/5
18 Mia Carruthers (G) U9 1/5

IM Mike Basman Simul on 19th October

International Master and former England team player Michael Basman, known worldwide for his unique chess style, gave a simultaneous display at West London Chess Club.

Eight juniors participated in this event: Harry Burdon, Tanya Jaffe, Kristian Pelosi, Isobel Warren, Mia Carruthers, Daniel Gilbert, Luke West, Richard Waterman.

Mr Basman gave out signed chess note-books and mascots to all juniors.

6th WLJCC Open Championship

1     Nicholas Dean 5/5
2     James Sutherland 4/5
3     Ben Murphy 3.5/5
4=   Adam Sutherland, Isobel Warren(G), Stefan Žigi?, Theo Tanner 3/5
8=   Joseph Langley, Nathan Elroy 2½/5
9     Sebastian Brewer 2/5
10   Ana Žigi? (G) 1½/5
11= Nico Pauen-Brar , Akshay Aggrawal, Aaina Aggrawal (G) 1/5

Best Girl: Isobel Warren

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